PrepaidCardStatus- How to Login to Activate Your Card

PrepaidCardStatus: Many people use prepaid gift cards, credit cards, debit cards instead of keeping cash in their wallets. For activation of your card login to using your card number and security code. You can also login to the official website of Prepaidcardstatus using your wallet username and password. Many banks, merchants and supermarkets also provide credit cards/debit cards, shopping cards, a gift card to their customers. A card issued by one of them needs to be activated from the website. Here, we have discussed prepaid card which is different from the traditional credit card or debit card issued by the bank.


Prepaid Card Status, is the name of an online service that can be used to manage prepaid Visa or MasterCard gift cards issued by Swift Prepaid Solutions. By registering a card through the website, users can check information about their card, such as their current balance. Prepaid Visa and MasterCard gift cards issued by Swift Prepaid Solutions can be used anywhere in the United States, where Visa or MasterCard debit cards are accepted, while some cards may also be used overseas. Registering a card with PrepaidCardStatus also offers further benefits, such as the ability to view your transaction history.


After receiving the prepaid card through the services provided, we need to use it. But, before using its services we have to activate it. is a portal to view, print and provide prepaid card transaction history, etc. available Visa Gift Card balance. You can also update your card or wallet profile on the prepaid card status website. Many customers buy the service from the store so that it can give a gift to someone close to them. Prepaid cards have a fixed limit on card usage. Some cards may be gift cards that can be transferred to another person for use. While using the card for shopping and payment, you should check the movements of your card. Each card has its own specialty and uses criteria.

Benefits of Prepaidcardstatus Web Portal:

  • Prepaid card not link with any savings account. Therefore, Unfortunility you loss your card amount will save in your account.
  • The online portal is safe, secure and easy to handle.
  • You can easily control spendings. You can transfer a certain amount of money.
  • Since they are Visa/MasterCard, the cards can be used around the world.
  • If you have doubts about a site or credentials merchant’s, you should use your prepaid card.
  • No credit bills have to be paid, so dealing with debts.
  • You can check your card history anytime.


Login Your Card Online

  • Find the page where you will log in, your prepaid card or click here to login
  • You have to fill up the page that appears on the screen
  • And the account will be ready to use
  • Lastly, you have to put login id and password to login your account

Users will be able to log on to the portal in this manner. With this login, the user will have many benefits such as; Check available balance, contact customer service, get updated information about your card account, transaction details, monthly details, etc. Users can also contact Card Management by sending details of their queries through this portal.

Method of Activating Your Card Online

Find the activation information on your card.
Set up an online account.
Log in to your account.
Enter the information to activate your card.
Submit the information.
Confirm that you have activated your credit card online.
Remove the sticker, and sign the card.


Contact customer care: Within your membership portal, you can contact customer support if you need any help. There is also a phone number that you can call to reach a live person who can help you on the phone. The phone number is listed below.
Check available balance: How much money you can see in your account lets you know what you can buy with your available balance and if you have to plagiarize your account
Update your wallet and card profile: Update your profile by updating your profile and Wallet information through your portal.

View and print transaction history: It is important to have an accurate transaction history of past purchases made by you. You can easily see transactions made with your prepaid card within your membership portal.

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