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Generally, people are unknown about Peryourhealth. But many hospitals order bills to be paid to the customer by using If you are one of them, then you need not to think about it. Because on this page you will get complete information. Peryourhealth is used by the customer to pay hospital bills. In another way, we can say that it is a medical billing payment portal. where you can pay the hospital or medical service provider bill online. Your bills will be paid after entering an account number or your registered user id. These can be found on your billing statement. If you want to know more about it read below. The Step by Step processor is available.


It is a health billing payment platform, where the customer is able to cover their wellbeing care bills online. In the United State Of America (USA) each of the hospitals and the medical service provider associated with the Peryourhealth. That’s why many hospitals suggest you cover bills at per your health. Really it is the very fast and secure website to pay the medical bill online.  As per the official portal, You can view the most up-to-date information about your account online. You can also know about past payment history at this portal.


PerYourHealth Bill Pay

This question arises in everyone’s mind that per your health bill payment service is easy. Really this bill pay service is too good. It’s a safe, simple and convenient way to pay your bills. The Self Service tab even lets you schedule e-mail alerts to remind you when bills are due. You can use the portal on both a mobile device and a computer. But the company has not yet developed Peryourhealth app for android phone.

How To Use for Bill Pay

It’s too easy compared to the other service provider, below you will see step by step processor to pay bill easily on per your health official portal. Customers are suggested to follow the steps.

  • First, you have to choose the device Computer or Mobile
  • After that, open chrome in the device and type
  • You will see per your health payment page
  • Now enter either the account number from your billing statement or your registered user id
  • After entering the login detail, it will redirect to the final payment page
  • Now enter the amount which you want to pay
  • Finally, Click on the submit button
  • After the successful payment, take the printout of it for further reference

Now Pay Bill here

If you don’t have registered user id then you should get it online. The Peryourhealth register process is too easy, Follow these simple and easiest way of registration.

Per Your Health Registering Process online

  • Go to the Peryourhealth official website
  • After landing, find registration link which will be on the homepage
  • Enter your personal details like name, Email Id, Contact No etc
  • After that, you will have to submit the button table.
  • After Successful registration, the user Id and password link will be sent on your registered email id

Unfortunately, Per your health has removed the registration link from the official portal. But you can pay your bill without User Id.  You will have to use the account number from your billing statement to pay the bill.

PerYourHealth User Id Recovery Process

If you forgot your User ID but still remember your password, You can recover your user ID. You will have to enter your billing account number to recover the user id. Your User ID will be sent to your email address registered on Per your health. If you have not previously registered a Per Your Health user account, you must use the billing account id and access key printed on your billing statement to log in to PerYourHealth, or call the customer service number on your statement.


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