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NJMCDirect: If you have ever been on a trip or have gone, for any reason, because of any mistake caused by accident or due to non-compliance of traffic rules, the invoice has been deducted, then any court for you to pay online. Will not be able to get away from the outside, you can pay your fine through NJMC Direct in simple way. Suppose you have accidentally crashed into someone’s car, you have been ticketed for traffic violation, then to pay the fine. As always, you will not have to visit the court. You can easily avoid this hassle by paying only online fines through the NJMCDirect portal. Payment procedure is given below.

NJMCDirect As you have come to know, NJMC Direct is an online ticket payment portal from where you will be provided with NJ ticket prefix code and by using that code, you can get any NJ ticket penalty from online official website NJMC Direct.com yourself. After making payment, we will be able to get rid of all kinds of problems. We will try to tell our readers every simple solution to make online ticket payment through NJMC Direct.com pay online through this website so that any person related to making payment with NJMC Direct will have problem. There should not be any production, how will online njmc direct.com online payment.


NJMC Direct Ticket Pay Online:

NJMC Direct is an official portal operating under the government of New Jersey, using which people can easily pay their parking tickets and fines paid while violating traffic rules online. NJ people will be able to view, view and pay NJ traffic tickets online, as well as pay the Municipal Corporation’s complaint time payment order. Friends, as everyone knows well that there are many types of problems in our daily life, sometimes it happens that we ignore the traffic rules in the rush of betting, which causes us to suffer quickly and because We do not follow all types of traffic rules and instead we are challan and circling the court to avoid all this, allows us to pay through online NJMC Direct Pay and also it is very safe. Now paying your traffic ticket is definitely very simple and easy, as you will not need to stand in the queue of court for a long time and you will save precious money now just after going carefully to njmc direct parking ticket Can save a lot of precious time

How to pay NJMC Direct Payment Portal:

  • Open your browser in the first.
  • Then came the official website of www.NJMCDirect.com
  • Here you have to select an option like ‘Traffic Ticket Search’ or ‘Time Payment Order.
  • Now click on it to start the payment process.
  • Enter court ID, ticket prefix, ticket number and license plate number in required fields.
  • Then, click on continue button.
  • Here you will see two options.
  • Check out NJMC Direct Tickets.
  • NJMC Direct Ticket Payment Process.
  • You have to choose one option as per your need.
  • The first option will show only tickets and the second option will start the payment process. Whichever mode you can pay using credit card or debit card (VISA or Master Card)

NJMC Direct.com Requirements:

  • NJ Ticket Prefix Code.
  • Court ID/Name.
  • Ticket Number.
  • License Plate Number.
  • Credit Card or Debit Card.
  • Mobile Phone or a Laptop.
  • An Active Internet Connection.

NJMC Direct Customer Number & Service:
Phone Number – 973 284 4945
Fax – 973 284 4914
Office Address – NJMC Public Safety Building, 2nd Floor, 228 Chesnutt Street
NJMC Office Hours – Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM

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